Stir the pot and cause a buzz with our tried, tested, and affordable SEO agency.

At Honeypot Marketing, we are not just a cheap SEO agency, we're a specialist SEO agency. We are experts at what we do but we just don't charge the earth. We believe that good SEO should be accessible for everyone.

Our SEO team has improved search rankings and organic traffic for some of the world's biggest brands, including:


Our SEO team at Honeypot Marketing can help you to optimize your website and content to improve your rankings, CTR, and traffic. We work on websites from all over the world, including both localised, lead generation, and e-commerce sites.

We have the expertise and experience in SEO to perform:

Full site audits
Keyword mapping
Backlink analysis & strategy
SEO strategy
Local SEO audits
Technical audits & fixes

Create SEO optimized content
Optimize existing content
Optimize images, meta data, & page layouts
Support site migrations
GTM / GA & HTML implementation

We keep up to date with the latest Google updates and keep innovating so that we provide the best, world-class SEO services for your brand.

Find out how we can support your brand today by contacting our founder directly:


"There are many cowboys in the world of SEO. Honeypot Marketing's approach was professional and structured. Great communication, every step of the way and anyone all round a joy to work with. My website is now ranking on page 1 and my most importantly the phones ringing! all thanks to their hard work, honesty can’t thank you enough. If anyone is looking for the best SEO for their website then get in touch . You can’t go wrong. " – Ryan


An SEO agency can help you to improve your organic visibility and increase your rankings. Because an SEO agency has experts that work across different industries, they have more experience and knowledge of tips and tricks to help you.

There are some benefits of using an SEO agency over having an inhouse SEO team, including:

Access to industry experts
Visibility across industries
More affordable for smaller businesses

Flexible project pricing


At Honeypot Marketing we don't tie you into lengthy contracts. We will work however suits you and your project best, whether that is by hour or by month or even per word.

Typical costs of an affordable SEO Agency in the UK, like Honeypot Marketing are:

£90 per hour
10p per word (SEO optimised content)

Contact our founder directly to get your bespoke project quote:


What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It a digital marketing niche that is designed to help you rank as high as possible in search engines like Google. There are lots of different aspects to SEO, including technical, off-page, on-page, and local SEO.

How Much Does SEO Cost In The UK?

The cost of SEO can vary in the UK. But you should only pay for your agency's time. You shouldn't have to foot any bills for SEO tools or any additional charges.
The only cost you may have is for press releases or product giveaways as part of backlink strategies.

What Tools Do You Use To Monitor Performance?

We use a range of tools to monitor the health of your site, your CTR, and your rankings. We will combine them all to report back to you so you have all the data you need.

We do advise that all sites have Google Search Console set up. We can help you to set this up if you haven't already.

Can you do your own SEO?

Yes! We believe that SEO should be accessible to everyone – it's not magic. That's why we offer _. Or you can book coaching sessions with our founder Rebecca Todd SEO specialist.

What Is SEO Coaching?

SEO coaching or SEO training can be very varied depending on what provider you choose. Our coaching sessions are based around you and your business. We'll use examples from your own website to train you and give you the knowledge you need to run your own SEO. Read more on our website or book your session with our founder.


Tell us about your brand. We want to discover your vision and how we can support you in getting there with SEO.

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